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  • East Coast Rug Hooking Designs 
  • Lexicon Vol's 123; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12
  • Big Book of Lexicon: Vol's 6,7,8,9  




  $17.95 $7.95



  • Her Mother's Daughter
  • Hit and Mrs. 
  • Desired Haven
  • No Small Tempest






  • The Hermit of Africville 
  • We Keep a Light
  • Life and Times of Joe Casey 
  • The Great Maritime Detective



Recipe Books: 
  • South Shore Tastes
  • Fresh and Frugal : Easy and affordable recipes for market-fresh local food! 
  • Sensational Seafood
  • Fresh & Local 
  • The Great Nova Scotia Cook Book
  • Dutch Oven: A Cookbook of Coveted, Traditional Recipes from the kitchens of Lunenburg
  • Out of Nova Scotia Gardens 


      $29.95                              $17.95               
     $22.95                              $24.95            

The Tent Dwellers 
Albert Bigelow Paine (1908) 
Reprinted paperback 
  • New Format (Trade Edition) 


    $20.00                 $15.95

Edible Plants of Atlantic Canada 
Peter J. Scott 

A guide to edible plants that grow in Atlantic Canada. Includes recipes. 


  • Formac Pocketguide to Nature
  • Formac Pocketguide to Whale Watching
  • Formac Pocketguide to Fossils
  • Canada's Atlantic Seashore
  • Animal Signatures
  • Guides of the North Woods 


                $9.95 each 



  • Birds of Nova Scotia by Robie Tufts 
  • Nova Scotia Birds 
  • Sibley's Birding Basics








  • The Annotated Sailing Alone Around the World 
  • Courting Disaster : True Crime and Mischief on Land and Sea 
  • Sable Island Shipwrecks 


           $19.95                                 $19.95 

  • Ghosts of Nova Scotia 
  • Witchcraft: Tales, Beliefs and Superstitions from the Maritimes 
  • History With a Twist
  • More History With a Twist
  • Maritime Mysteries
  • More Maritime Mysteries
  • Bluenose Ghosts (New Format) 

                $16.95                                $19.95 




  • Pit Pony 
  • Christmas with the Rural Mail (board book)
  • The City Speaks in Drums 
  • The Story of the Sea Glass 
  • Lobster Fishing on the Sea 
  • Eagle of the Sea 
  • The Malagawatch Mice and the Church that Sailed 
  • The Malagawatch Mice and the Cat who Discovered America 
  • Theodore Too and the Mystery Guest 
  • Terrible, Horrible, Smelly Pirate
  • Atlantic Puffin
  • Sleeping Dragons All Around
  • Back to the Beach
  • The Secrets of Dynamite Point
  • White Cave Escape 
  • Maritime Monsters
  • You're All My Favorites 
  • Robert Munsch- Various titles 

      $ 9.95                        

       $15.95                                        $19.95              

  • The Vampire Diaries 
  • Night World No.1, No.2, No.3
  • Twilight saga
  • Wicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound 
  • Wicked: Resurrection 
  • Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris 




Sable Island 
Bruce Armstrong 

Sable Island
is an imaginative and exciting journey to the world's northern Galapagos. It is also an eloquent plea for the preservation of a unique and timeless part of Nova Scotia. Sable Island was awarded the Evelyn Richardson Prize, the pre-eminent award for non-fiction in Atlantic Canada. (from publisher's website)


Sable Island: The Strange Origins and Curious History of A Dune Adrift in the Atlantic
Marq de Villiers & Sheila Hirtle

Sable Island- one hundred miles due east of Nova Scotia, in the midst of the worst weather in the North Atlantic- is a thirty-mile-long sand dune, uninhabitated except by a couple government agents and by bands of wild horses that have populated the island for more than two hundred years. Yet this small place illuminates grand and global themes, both human and natural. Impressive in the array of its knowledge, Sable Island is a lyrical ode to one of nature's wonders. (from back cover)




Unforgettable Atlantic Canada : The 100 Must-See Destinations 
Harvey Sawler - Photographs by George Fischer

Atlantic Canada’s lively culture and unique landscape means the region offers unparalleled travel destinations. Unforgettable Atlantic Canada is your best guide to the region’s must-see places and events. The classic tourist attractions, such as Peggys Cove, Signal Hill, and Green Gables, are included here, but so are more off-beat and lesser-known destinations, like the Ganong Chocolate Museum, iceberg watching in “Iceberg Alley,” and Chez Christophe, a one-of-a-kind Acadian restaurant. Organized by province for easy reference, Unforgettable Atlantic Canada is more than a travel guide. Renowned photographer George Fischer’s magnificent images showcase Atlantic Canada’s vibrancy and beauty and Harvey Sawler’s text provides a context and background for the one hundred destinations included here. Whether you’re “from away” or live in the region, Unforgettable Atlantic Canada is an indispensable resource and a stunning portrait of a unique part of the world. (from publisher's website) 


Historic Shelburne
Sarah Acker & Lewis Jackson

Perhaps the most picturesque town in Nova Scotia, and certainly one of the oldest, this is a peek back to the late 19th century and forward to the mid 20th.Drawing from a rich source of images and collective knowledge from town elders, historians and researchers, Historic Shelburne chronicles the many lives the community has lived since the first Loyalists arrived.  Impressive heritage and wonderful old photos will make this a keepsake.


Nova Scotia Birds
Jeffrey C. Domm

This book introduces 200 of the top species found all around the province, at the seashore, in the Cape Breton Highlands, the city parks and around the thousands of pristine lakes in the province. Whether observing spectacular hawks or eagles in the wild or seabirds over the ocean, listening for warblers in the forest, or the first spring birds at the feeder, this guide is designed to allow for quick and easy identification. Original full-colour illustrations by Jeffrey Domm. Text and graphic keys give helpful tips for observing. The birding hotspot section (with an accompanying map) shows 46 locations across the province where good birdwatching is assured.

$24.95 - PAPERBACK


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